Client Testimonials

Executive Real Estate Consulting Services (ERCS), under the leadership of Angel Renee Lewis, have been providing consulting and sub-consulting services on various Land Acquisition Projects to District 8 since 2002. ERCS has served District 8 as both a Prime Consultant and a sub-consultant. In both capacities, ERCS has done an outstanding job helping the Department deliver our program. ERCS provided Negotiations, Appraisal, Review Appraisal, Relocation and Project Management services to District 8. I highly recommend ERCS.
Mike Myler
Land Acquisition Manager, Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) D8
Executive Real Estate Consulting Services (ERCS) exhibited a keen sense of property owner’s and tenants’ needs for property acquisitions, commercial relocations and residential relocations. Ms. Lewis and her employees have displayed an enviable ability to tailor their approaches to match the owner’s and tenants’ backgrounds. In every instance, Ms. Lewis deliver the work in a timely and professional manner and in compliance with the federal Uniform Relocation Act. Based on the firm’s success, I do recommend ERCS.
Dennis Hollahan
Project Manager, Hanson Professional Services, Inc.
As a Project Manager, Ms. Lewis established project budgets, selected Project Team members (appraisers, legal counsel, title services, closing agents and acquisition and relocation agents) established project timelines, reviewed real estate sales contracts, approved project invoices and served as a liaison to the City of Centreville, Illinois, SWIDA, the property owners and Lahaina LLC. In my experience with Ms. Lewis, she was professional, very knowledgeable about acquiring property for public and private use, and capable of successfully managing a land acquisition project. Ms. Lewis was a pleasure to work with.
Mike Lundy
Executive Director, Southwestern Illinois Development Authority (SWIDA)
Ms. Lewis has many traits which make her an excellent land acquisition agent and great to work with. These traits are knowledge, hard work, honesty and passion for being the best at what she does. In addition, she communicates well with people, and puts them at ease. She is a team player. Angel’s dedication, strong work ethic, knowledge and attention to detail have helped produce positive results in both relocation and right-of-way transactions on our project.
Kevin Cleary
Project Manager & Real Estate Specialist, George Butler & Associates, Inc. (GBA)
Angel and I worked together at the Illinois Department of Transportation, Division of Aeronautics, in Springfield, Illinois, where I was her direct supervisor from 2014-2017. I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Angel, and knew immediately that she was truly valuable to the Division of Aeronautics. She is dependable and hard-working, beyond that, she is an impressive problem solver who is always able to address issues with strategy and confidence. Angel is not intimidated by challenges. She put her knowledge and experience to work to assure the Division of Aeronautics properly performed property negotiations, acquisitions, relocation assistance and property management in accordance with State and Federal Regulations. She used her planning and organizing skills to prepare spreadsheets and reports to track project progress used to complete projects accurately and as scheduled. I know her involvement was a huge part of our success in an audit of a large acquisition project. Also, Angel has always been a pleasure to work with and is a true team player. She manages to promote positive discussions and bring the best out of other associates.
Terry L. Tappenbeck
Section Chief - Land Acquisition, Illinois Department of Transportation Division of Aeronautics